Filza File Manager, powerful File Manager for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Filza on iPhone 6 Plus

Explore files and folders with list view or grid view. View/edit files with powerful viewers, includes: media player, plist editor, hex editor, text editor, ….

Filza can also view office files: word, excel, powerpoint …

Sharing files between computer and your device with Air Browser

Terminal, allow execute shell scripts and console app

Manage iPhone music library easily, import/export/rename/delete …

Installer, can view details, install or extract IPA package and DEB package

Manage applications, list all installed applications, uninstall or install apps

Music library: Manage music library, import/export/rename/delete just same as normal files

Create DEB file, Manage file associations and viewers …

Cloud services: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, SugarSync, FTP, SFTP, …, and Windows File Sharing (SMB)

Support iOS 7+, Optimized for iPhone 6(s)/7 Plus screen (Retina HD)

User guide : here

You can install from BigBoss Repo (latest RELEASED version of Filza)

OR you can install from our Repo: (latest DEVELOPMENT version of Filza)

IPA file for TrollStore (iOS 15.x):

Version history:

Updated to version 3.9.5:

Supported iOS 15.x TrollStore

Terminal now support Fish shell (TrollStore version only)

UI improvements & bug fixes

Updated to version 3.8.0:

Updated: Image Viewer can view images inside CAR file
New Scripts feature: based on the shell script, supports iOS 8 and newer
Context menu (iOS 13 and newer)
Updated WebDAV server and web interface
Updated Zip viewer: Supported AES encrypted zip, rar files
Updated default theme icons

Updated to version 3.7.6:

Supported iOS 13.5

Better image browsing

New WebDAV server and web interface

Updated to version 3.7.2:

Supported dark mode on iOS 13

Better animations and file viewers

Updated to version 3.6.0:

See more:Here (v3.6.0)

Updated to version 3.5.0:

Updated for iOS 11

See more:Here (v3.5.0)

Updated to version 3.3.0:

Updated for iOS 10

Peek and Pop for supported devices

Updated QuickLook viewer

Fixed bug while copying multiple files on iOS 10

Added Trash > Empty to Settings

Fixed bug for Terminal & Settings Restore

Added Action Extension: Save to Folder (to save your file quickly from other apps)

See more:Here (v3.3)

Updated to version 3.0.0:

Filza now runs as mobile instead of root. Fixes 3rd keyboard, language, airdrop, black status bar issue …

Added Support for protected zip, rar files

Upgrade Video Player, supports PiP (new Picture in Picture feature on iOS 9)

Added 2 Homescreen menu shortcuts: Apps manager & Music library (for device supports 3D Touch)

Optimized List view mode. Much faster

Fixed Text Editor bug

Fixed FTP/SFTP/Dropbox/Box/OneDrive/WebDAV download file permission issue

Optimized FTP connection

Fixed oneDrive, Pasteboard, Put back bug

Supported iPad Slide Over & Split View (iPad mini 2,3,4; iPad Air 1,2; iPad Pro)

New features: Restorable windows, Editable path (tap on folder title)

Supported external viewer (open in other apps)

Updated Text Editor, Favorites, default theme

Updated Search: Search with filesize, file type

See more:Here (v3.0)

Updated to version 2.1.0:

Updated for iOS 9

Updated Music library for iOS 9

Updated Text Editor for iOS 9

Fixed bug when creating new file/folder on iPad

Fixed unzip feature on iOS 9

Updated Change File user/group owner, added ‘apply to subitems’

Updated Unzip feature: restore file owner, setuid/setgid/tacky permissions

Updated SugarSync cloud storage service

Updated FTP, SFTP, SMB (Fixed issue: Can’t login with username contains character ‘@’)

See more:Here (v2.1)

Updated to version 2.0.1:

Fixed crashing when opening file in Search window

Fixed text editor background color with black theme

Fixed .Trash.metadata file remove issue

Updated: Music Library is compatible with iOS8.4

Updated to version 2.0.0:

Replace AIR-BROWSER with WebDAV server. You can use Web browser or WebDAV client to connect (like Finder on Mac OS X)

Now WebDAV server will run as daemon, enable it in Filza > Settings > Enable WebDAV server. WebDAV server will be started automatically when you use Web browser or WebDAV client to connect to its port (default is 11111)

Add WebDAV server authentication

Add Recents (Opened, Downloaded, Trashed) and Remove Air File Browser icon on main window

Fixed a few UI bugs

Fixed Open In: Open in Filza for all file types (some files .rar, .zip … doesn’t work with previous version)

Update UI: Added detail information for current opened folder (files count, folder count, hidden files count, disk usage …)

Updated better UI

Fixed permission bug (display file type)

Added ‘Mount points’ (See it in Favorites)

Added: SHA1 File checksum

Added: Folder contents size (total size of all normal files, in same file system)

Fixed: Touch ID issue on iOS 8.3

Added: Settings backup/restore

– Filza 1.5.1 (1.5 build 2)

Bug fixes for 1.5

Fixed Plist Keyboard issue

Fixed WebDAV issue (copy/download/…)

Update Open in: will open AirDrop if device supports AirDrop and has no appropriate app

Supports MobileSubstrate

Added: Put back (in Trash)

Added: more infos for video and audio file

Fixed: DEB Installer issue

See more:Here (v2.0)

Updated to version 1.5:

Fixed some UI bugs on iOS8

Fixed ‘Save to Photo Library’ on iOS8

Optimized for iPhone 6 plus

Fixed bug PList editor

Fixed bug Text editor

Added cloud service: OneDrive

Updated: Hex Editor: search bytes array, search text, new look

New feature: Create DEB package

New feature: Use Touch ID with access password (available on iOS8+ on devices have TouchID)

Updated: Application name on iOS8

New feature: Apps manager

Fixed bugs: play music on background

Updated: opened files will go to home directory

Added: Yosemite folder icon

See more:Here (v1.5)

Updated to version 1.4:

Bug Fixes for 1.3.1

Supports: 7zip, gzip

Fixed FTP connection issue: (failed if require_ssl_reuse=true) and FTP UTF8 file name issue

Added cloud service: Box

Added shared link to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Sugar Sync

Update Zip Viewer: extract deb file with control files

Update Installer: view information, extract package

Added SMB (Window File Sharing)

Changed Filza icon

Sortable Favorites links (drag to sort)

Update text editor: Edit strings file as text

Update text editor: Read ASCII encoding file

Fixed a few UI bugs on black theme

Add simple way to download http/https url: copy it to pasteboard, and paste in destination folder

Fixed memory leaks

Added new Media Player: nice & simple

Added Music Library: import/export/delete/rename music files …

See more:Here (v1.4)

Updated to version 1.3:

Bug Fixes for 1.2.1

Add ‘Trash’

Fixed bugs: when copy/move and file existed, Filza doesn’t show progress bar

Fixed bugs: Favorites Link for Cloud on iPhone, iPod

Fixed a few bugs

Enable ‘Landscape mode’ for iPhone, iPod. iPad was enabled it

Add cloud service: SFTP, FTP(Include FTPS, FTPES)

Display current Path / URL for current directory

Add ‘Advanced options’, allow display file permissions, size, folder attributes…

Update File Permission, add stick bits, allow change permission recursively with Local files, SFTP, FTP(s/es)

Add: ‘Apply to all’ to Copy/move dialog

Upgrade Plist Editor

Add ‘Access Password’

Add ‘Open with’ for specified file, you can set it in File’s properties dialog

Add new viewer: Web viewer

Fixed bug: crashes/stuck when upload/download empty file

Add: Allow delete files from search window

Add: Slide to delete (for list view)

Add theme for file icon: Colorful, Light and folder style

Update: Viewer for cloud services

Update: allow add multiple symbolic links

Update: Add File MD5 (see it in File Properties)

Added: File MD5

See more:Here (v1.3)

Updated to version 1.2:

Update Property List Editor

Add Cloud Storage Service: Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, WebDAV

Improve copy/move

Add ‘Pull to Refresh’

Support GIF images

Add ‘Black’ theme

Add ‘Long Press to Edit’

Fixed bug ‘crash’ on Terminal

Upgrade Text Editor: add ‘Find Text’ and fixed some bugs

Update Hex Editor with new Look, much better

Add ‘Image dimension’

See more:Here (v1.2)

Updated to version 1.1:

Supports RAR and DEB decompress

Add “Show application name”

Add “Create symbolic link”

Change upload file size limit (AirBrower) from 16MB to 4000MB

Add “Edit Plist as XML text file”

Change IPA icon and DEB icon

See more:Here (v1.1)

Filza on iPhone 5S
Connect from Web Browser